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Korea Eximbank Holds the 22nd EDCF Workshop for Government Officials from Developing Countries

Date 2018.05.30 View 12956

The Export-Import Bank of Korea (, Chairman EUN, Sung-soo, “Korea Eximbank”) announced on May 30 that it hosted the 22nd EDCF Workshop for 19 high-level officials from 15 partner countries including Vietnam, Mongol, and Egypt.


The five-day Workshop starting from May 29 consists of various informative and engaging programs such as EDCF policy seminar, Korean development experience seminar, industrial site visits, and cultural tour.


In this Workshop, local officers from overseas representative offices of Korea Eximbank also participated to build up their capacity and understanding of the EDCF guidelines and policies.


On the first day of the Workshop, professor Keuk-je Sung of the Graduate School of International Studies of Kyung Hee University delivered a lecture titled "Korea's Economic Development Experience and the Lessons Learned" vividly describing how Korea achieved its robust economic development.


In addition, the participants visited Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service Center, Seonam Water Reclamation Center and Samsung Innovation Museum to get a glimpse at Korea’s high-end IT solutions in areas in transport, energy and water resources which fall under EDCF’s priority sectors.


The Bank’s Executive Director Young-hoon Chang remarked, “Drawing from EDCF’s steadfast commitment, which marked the 30th Anniversary last year, this year's Workshop offers an overview of Korea's development history and EDCF’s vision to build strong economic cooperation between Korea and partner countries."


Launched in 1995, the EDCF Workshop has been attended by a total of 312 high level officials from 49 developing countries seeking to learn from Korea’s development experiences and build cooperative ties with Korea.