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The history of Korea Eximbank representing the expansion of Korea the export powerhouse

1976 The first Eximbank
established in developing
  • 04.08 The Ministry of Finance decided to set up the Export-Import Bank of Korea
  • 07.01 Korea Eximbank established (Authorized capital : KRW 150 billion)

The First Chairman and President Song In-Sang delivers a speech at the opening ceremony

Signboard hanging ceremony. Korea Eximbank’s CI represents export and import.

The First
Korea Eximbank flag

  • 05.16 Enacted the regulation of local letter of credit
  • 06.01 New York Representative Office
    London Representative Office
  • 08.28 LA Representative Office
  • 09.01 Hong Kong Representative Office
  • 06.19 Tokyo Representative Office
  • 06.20 Abidjan Representative Office
  • 09.01 Santiago Representative Office
  • 07.26 Initiated operation of granting export permission for the industrial equipment sector
  • 09.01 Jakarta Representative Office
  • 12.17 Ground breaking ceremony for the Bank’s new headquarters
  • 02.18 Diversified settlement currencies on export contracts (4 countries → 20 countries)
  • 06.14 Concluded a bank loan agreement with 46 foreign financial institutions including Chemical Asia Ltd. (USD 300 million)
  • 07.05 Concluded a bank loan agreement with 17 foreign financial institutions including LTCB (JPY 10 billion)
  • 01.30 Issued Samurai Bond
  • 04.06 Diversified settlement currencies for export contracts
  • 10.15 Held the Berne Union Steering Committee (Seoul)
  • 11.21 Issued US Dollar denominated floating rate note (FRN)(USD 50 million)
  • 06.18 Concluded a Deutsche Mark denominated bond underwriting agreement with 7 foreign financial institutions including DG Bank (DM 100 million)
  • 08.31 Completed construction of the Bank’s new headquarters

Korea Eximbank’s new headquarters
construction ceremony

  • 01.20 Issued the first Swiss Franc denominated bond (CHF 50 million)
  • 12.02 Enacted Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) Act
  • 12.26 Launched the preparatory committee to establish EDCF
  • 06.01 initiated operation of EDCF
  • 06.08 Held the Berne Union annual general meeting
  • 12. Authorized capital reached KRW 1 trillion

The first EDCF disbursement on passenger coach modernization project in Nigeria

Signboard hanging ceremony of EDCF

Symposium on outbound investment facilitation

  • 04.11 Established Overseas Investment Consultation Center
  • 05.17 Established the regulation of overseas subsidiary business integration and guidelines for supervising fund management
  • 08.10 Concluded the first inter-government EDCF agreement (Padang City Road Construction Project in Indonesia)
  • 08.10 Hong Kong Overseas Subsidiary (KEXIM Asia Ltd)
  • 11.15 Established Overseas Investment Research Institute
  • 02.10 Established the guidelines of supporting Overseas Investment Loan
  • 06.15 Joined International Private Economic Council of Korea (IPECK) established with the aim of facilitating economic cooperation via private channels with the countries which have no diplomatic relation with Korea
  • 07.15 Established the guidelines for screening eligible projects for Overseas Investment Loan
  • 09.01 Paris Representative Office
  • 09.15 Initiated operation of accepting Overseas Investment Report
  • 02.02 Established the guidelines of Export-Related Loan for machinery, etc.
  • 05.30 Capital invested in National Information & Credit Evaluation Co., Ltd. (NICE)(KRW 200 million)
  • 12.31 Enacted Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund (IKCF) Act