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Import Finance Leasing


Finance leasing is a medium and long term credit carried out by the way of leasing machinery, equipment, means of transportation and other movable assets based on a Lease Agreement between KEXIM VLC and Lessee.

KEXIM VLC shall purchase the assets at the Lessee’s request and hold the ownership of the leased assets. The Lessee shall use the leased assets and make the payment of lease rent during the lease term, which is agreed upon by KEXIM VLC and Lessee.

Upon completion of financial obligations by the Lessee, the ownership tittle over the leased assets will be transferred to the Lessee.


Import Finance Leasing : KEXIM VLC shall be on behalf of Lessee to purchase an asset from foreign supplier and lease such asset to Lessee.

Terms & Conditions :

Content Details
Lessee Legal entity operates in Vietnam
Leased asset Machinery, equipment, means of transportation, and other movable assets (exclude ship and airplane)
Import of Leased asset Importer : KEXIM VLC
User : Lessee
Leased asset shall be imported from foreign supplier
Import of used machine and equipment is not allowed (according to Vietnamese policy)
Purpose Leased asset shall be used directly in the business activity of Lessee
Interest Rate Interest rate shall be Fix rate and/or Floating rate which agreed by both parties.
Currency VND currency or Foreign currency (USD, EUR, etc.)
Repayment method Periodic Installments of every month or every 3 months