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Supporting Korea's Economic Growth Supporting Korea's Economic Growth


The history of Korea Eximbank representing the expansion of Korea the export powerhouse

  • 04.08 Launched monitoring program for the countries on the watch list created by Total Exposure Limit Management System
  • 08.06 Launched Overseas Bank Ratings System
  • 11.13 Mexico City Representative Office
  • 05.04 Attained Award of Excellence in 2003 by Trade Finance Magazine for financing South Pars Phases 9 & 10 Gas Field Development Project of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)
  • 06.22 Shanghai Representative Office
  • 06.25 KEXIM Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong
    Cooperation agreement concluded between the South and North Korean Settlement Banks (provisional)

Award Ceremony for Borrower of the Year by Finance Asia

  • 03.16 Paris Representative Office
  • 05.09 Dubai Representative Office
  • 07.01 Created a new corporate identity (CI) and announced ‘EXIM Way’, the Bank’s management philosophy
  • 10.28 Opened the Joint Economic Cooperation Office for South and North Korea (Kaesong)
  • 04.18 Developed Export Leading Index
  • 01.04 Selected as ‘the Petrochemical Deal of the Year 2006’ by Project Finance International for financing Saudi Petrochemical Plant Project
  • 02. Expanded the scope of Overseas Direct Investment Statistics
  • 07.04 Adopted the joint statement with development assistance institutions of France, Japan and Germany to seek innovative financing instruments
  • 01.16 Selected as ‘the Best Borrower of the Year 2007’ by The Asset magazine
  • 01.17 Amended the Export-Import Bank of Korea Act to support the Service Industry
  • 03.24 Awarded ‘the Deal of the Year 2007’ by Trade Finance magazine for financing the export of two drill ships and natural resources development project aimed at developing nickel mines in Ambatovy, Madagascar
  • 06.02 Signed supplemental MOU with ADB for co-financing (USD 2.5 billion)
  • 12.21 Recognized as ‘the Issuer of the Year 2008’ by International Financing Review Asia
  • 01.13 Issued Global Bond (USD 2 billion)
  • 11.01 Launched the Korean Hidden Champion Initiative (12 SME exporters selected)

Meeting with Hidden Champion CEOs

2010Total Annual disbursement exceeded KRW 60 trillion
  • 02.17 Awarded ‘Oil & Gas Deal of the Year 2009’ by Project Finance International for financing the construction and operation of the LNG Receiving Terminal in Manzanillo, Mexico
  • 06.22 Issued Global Bond (USD 1.25 billion, the first institution issuing the 10-year maturity bond among Korean institutions since the financial crisis in 2008)
  • 07.08 Selected as ‘the Best Asia ECA’ and ‘the Best ECA in the Middle East’ by Trade Finance Magazine

Awarded in the Asset Awards for issuing bonds amid repercussions right after the financial crisis

Korea Eximbank’s Contribution to National Economy
(Based on 2010 data)
  • Plant Orders 61.0%
  • Shipbuilding Orders 51.9%
  • Export 15.9%
  • 04.28 Signed MOU with 8 domestic commercial banks to strengthen cooperation in financing overseas projects
  • 07.14 Introduced the Financial Advisory and Service Arrangement
  • 08.11 Issued Dim Sum Bond (equivalent to USD 62 million, the first issuer among Korean institutions)
  • 10.13 Manila Representative Office
  • 12.22 Jakarta Representative Office
    Hanoi Representative Office
2012Total Annual disbursement exceeded KRW 70 trillion
  • 02.20 Concluded MOU for ‘Shared Growth with SMEs Program’
  • 08.28 Introduced Export-Factoring Finance for SMEs and medium-large construction firms

Signed MOU for ‘Shared Growth with SMEs Program

  • 01.04 Recognized as ‘the Global Multilateral of the Year’ and ‘the Deal of the Year’ for supporting 4 projects including Turkey Eurasia Tunnel Project by Project Finance International
  • 05.27 Provided USD 1.5 billion in project financing for Sabine Pass LNG Plant Project in collaboration with 3 policy lenders and 7 commercial bank
  • 07.04 Awarded ‘the Best Asia-Pacific ECA of the Year’ by Trade Finance Magazine
  • 09.30 Introduced the world’s first Ship Bond Guarantee (USD 125 million ship bond guarantee and USD 175 million direct loan to Scorpio Tankers Inc.)
  • 01.20 Yangon Representative Office
  • 01.21 Amended the Export-Import Bank of Korea Act-Authorized capital increased to KRW 15 trillion, operational rule amended to be of negative system, restrictions on investment eased, etc.
  • 04.14 Bogota Representative Office
  • 04.15 Established the Research Institute for North Korea Development
  • 04.30 Istanbul Representative Office
  • 09.18 Launched the Northeast Asia EXIM Banks Association
  • 09.29 Established the Marine Finance Center-Relocated the Maritime Finance Group in Busan
  • 12.24 Initiated the operation of capital contribution to PEF (SME Overseas Investment Fund, etc.)
  • 01.13 Issued the largest Global Bond (USD 2.25 billion)
  • 03.17 Dares Salaam Representative Office
  • 03.19 Maputo Representative Office
  • 05.28 Accra Representative Office
  • 07.01 Proclaimed 'Ethical Management as Clean bank‘
  • 07.02 Provided USD 1.75 billion in project financing for Sabine Pass LNG Plant Project with 8 domestic financial institutions
    Enhanced risk managing capability by reorganizing Risk Management Department
  • 08.05 Provided IKCF fund for reconstructing the south side of Gyeongwon Line
  • 1.19 Opened Colombo Representative Office
  • 6.23 Proposed KEXIM's Agenda for institutional innovation and reinforcement
  • 9.19 Commenced equity investments in SMEs' overseas subsidiaries
  • 10.31 Proclaimed 'KEXIM's Innovation Strategy'
  • 6.27 Provided USD 1 billion in project financing for Mozambique's Coral South FLNG project
  • 10.17 Introduced KEXIM's first Chief Compliance Officer
  • 10.27 Created a KRW 85 billion venture fund for overseas infrastructure development
  • 6.21 Issued the largest Samurai Bond as an Asian Institution (JPY 120 billion)
  • 12.6 1st SDGs bond issuer in Korea (KRW 350 billion)
  • 7.1 Announced KEXIM's Statement of Human Rights Management
  • 8.2 Recognized as the 1st ECA to issue MXN bond in Mexico (MXN 7 billion)
  • 8.19 Introduced EDPF(Economic Development Promotion Facility) with Nepal's hydro power plant construction
  • 2.6 Successfully issued a Global bond amid the initial Pandemic shock
  • 3.25 Provided emergency funds of KRW 20 trillion for businesses affected by the Pandemic
  • 3.31 Amended the KEXIM Act to provide grounds for establishment of subsidiaries
  • 4.5 Launched Speed-Up loans for SMEs
  • 8.19 Issued the 1st SOFR bond issuer in Korea
  • 2.4 Issued a Global Bond with a record low spread (USD 1.5 billion)
  • 2.22 Created KRW 200 billion Global ESG Fund
  • 4.14 Awarded 'the Best ECA of 2020' by TXF(Trade and Export Finance)
  • 7.1 1st government policy bank to introduce an ESG Management Roadmap
  • 11.1 Awarded IDC Future Enterprise
  • 11.3 1st Korean institution to adopt IFC-led Impact Principles
  • 12.1 On-lending digital platform in full effect