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Supporting Korea's Economic Growth Supporting Korea's Economic Growth

Chairman & CEO

The Export-Import Bank of Korea leads the way in revitalizing the Korean economy!

Welcome to the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM).

I am Yoon Hee-Sung, Chairman & CEO of KEXIM.

Since its establishment in 1976, KEXIM has been dedicated to providing financial support to facilitate the international economic cooperation of Korea, including export and import transactions, overseas investments and natural resources development. This commitment has played a vital role in supporting the remarkable growth of the Korean economy.

Over the past few years, KEXIM has been actively involved in reinvigorating Korea’s exports by providing financing for key national industries such as automobiles, shipbuilding, and industrial plants, as well as high-tech sectors such as semiconductors, secondary batteries, and biotechnology. KEXIM has also acted as a reliable safety net during times of financial crises.

Yoon Hee-Sung photo

Maintaining this trajectory, last year, we extended financial support amounting to KRW 76.4 trillion, surpassing the initial target of KRW 70 trillion. Our efforts were focused on giving a boost to the recovery of exports, aligning with the government’s policy of ‘Leaping into Global Hub Country,’ which included the largest-ever commitment and disbursement of the Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF).

However, this year, our economy faces multiple challenges in the external environment, including a slowdown in major economies, geopolitical risks, and global supply chain disruptions.

To navigate through these intricate crises, KEXIM will undertake the following four key tasks, concentrating on reigniting Korea’s export potential, thereby paving the way for the economy to jumpstart:

  • Firstly we will lay the groundwork for the Korean economy to achieve another leap forward by regaining export momentum.

    Efforts will be directed towards restoring export vitality by supporting high-tech industries, which are leading strategic industries with significant economic ripple effects; the defense industry, rising as the next-generation export driver; and the nuclear power industry, gaining prominence amid the global decarbonization trend.

    To achieve the national target of "U$50 billion overseas construction contracts” for this year, we will provide comprehensive support for large-scale overseas projects participated by Korean companies, aiming to create a new breakthrough in Korean exports.

    Additionally, we will serve as a reliable partner for small and medium-sized enterprises vulnerable to changes in the external environment by extending KRW 32 trillion in finance.

  • Secondly we will focus on ensuring the resilience of supply chains to maintain economic security.

    This year, we will establish the “Supply Chain Stabilization Fund” to secure a stable supply of rare natural resources and essential raw materials, while providing all-out support for Korean companies to become key partners in the global supply chain cooperation network, leveraging their world-class technological and manufacturing capabilities.

  • Thirdly we will proactively respond to changes in the external environment.

    Through the provision of ESG financial support worth KRW 18 trillion, we will support the transition to a carbon-neutral society and enhance the ESG competitiveness of our economy.

    We will actively support Korean companies entering overseas markets, seeking to adapt to the rapidly changing global trade order and take the lead in the expansion of our economic territory.

    Moreover, we will diversify EDCF support measures and strengthen economic cooperation with our partner countries to meet their increasingly diverse development demands.

  • Lastly we will establish ourselves as an innovative policy-based financial institution, gearing up for the future.

    We will continue to challenge and innovate, embracing our new roles and responsibilities, such as advancing our development finance system and reinforcing the bank’s roles in capital markets.

    Additionally, we will maximize the effectiveness of our policy-based financial support through the provision of flexible and strategic assistance, contributing to the sustainable growth of our economy.

We sincerely ask for your keen interest and encouragement in our bold initiatives to stimulate Korean exports.

Thank you.

Chairman & CEO Yoon, Hee-sung