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Supporting Korea's Economic Growth Supporting Korea's Economic Growth

Chairman & President

Welcome to the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM).
I am Yoon Hee-sung, Chairman and President of KEXIM.

Since founded in 1976, KEXIM has been dedicated to supporting Korea’s foreign trade, overseas investment, and natural resources development abroad.

In the early years upon establishment, KEXIM opened a new horizon in the exports of heavy and chemical goods, and has since been playing an instrumental role in assisting Korea’s key industries such as shipbuilding and overseas construction in realizing the world’s best competitiveness. In times of crisis, it served as a reliable financial safety net for Korea’s financial market.

윤희성 은행장님 사진

Last year, we supported Korea’s exports to reach 640 billion US dollars by providing 72 trillion won in loans and guarantees, exceeding the original target of 68 trillion won.

On the EDCF side, we have strengthened economic cooperation with developing countries by providing an all-time high of 1.2 trillion won amid the pandemic.

This year, the Korean economy is faced with a daunting challenge to accelerate its economic normalization while addressing the triple crisis of the proliferation of the Omicron variant, supply-chain disruption, and macroeconomic uncertainty accompanied by interest rate hikes and inflation risks.

To address the challenge, we will commit to ambitious and decisive actions under the following four core management targets in 2022 to underpin the robust growth of the Korean economy.

  • First we will concentrate our efforts on stabilizing the
    global supply chain.

    To improve the resilience of supply chain, we plan to deploy 15 trillion won for securing raw materials and rebuilding global logistics infrastructure by launching the ‘Global Supply Chain Response Program’.

  • Second we will lay the groundwork for the Korean economy to ascend as one of the top five export countries.

    To this end, we will provide 14 trillion won to the innovative growth industries to boost export momentum for future export engines and also commit 30 trillion won for SMEs to foster their global competitiveness.
    In addition, we will achieve an advantageous position in overseas project markets by diversifying our financial solutions including providing pre-financing to overseas clients.

  • Third we will support the transition to an eco-friendly and carbon neutral economy through our innovative financing schemes.

    Responding to climate change is the most challenging task and also an opportunity for us to take an innovative leap forward. We will take the lead in achieving the government’s carbon-neutral 2050 goal by expanding investment in the Green New Deal, fostering the hydrogen industry and providing 15 trillion won to ESG financial programs such as the ‘Low Carbon Economy Facilitation Program’.

  • Lastly we will be committed to inclusive development and social responsibility for sustainable growth.

    We will set an example as a trusted policy financial institution by scaling up ESG finance and advancing ethics and human rights management.

We appreciate your interest and encouragement as we continue to challenge ourselves embracing new ideas and innovation and lead the way for the Korean economy to take another leap forward.

Thank you.

Chairman & President Yoon, Hee-sung