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Chairman & CEO
The Export-Import Bank of Korea
(Korea Eximbank)

Mr. Hee-sung Yoon is Chairman & CEO of the Export-Import Bank of Korea (KEXIM), a primary export credit agency and leading issuer of global bonds in Korea. During more than 30 years of banking career, he retained extensive experience in both asset and debt sides while his main focus was on international funding. His experience in international funding contributed to the expansion of KEXIM’s financing volume to support Korean companies’ overseas activities through innovating the Bank’s debt financing operation and diversifying funding currencies. By doing so, he successfully led the Bank to issue the first global green bond among Asian financial institutions.

From the asset side, Mr. Yoon established the Bank’s core strategy in supporting innovative sectors including renewable energy, batteries, electric cars as well as biotechnology while serving as Vice President of the Bank. He also worked as Director General of Public Relations Office, playing a key role in raising the public awareness of KEXIM’s activities and had worked as Senior Deputy Director for KEXIM Bank (UK) Ltd., KEXIM’s subsidiary in London, dealing with various financial transactions mainly in Europe.

Just prior to being appointed as KEXIM’s Chairman & CEO, Mr. Yoon served as Non-executive Director and a board member of Woori Financial Capital Co., Ltd., contributing to making transparent and independent corporate decisions.

Mr. Yoon has a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Seoul National University.