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Indirect Loan

International On-lending

International On-lending loan is a type of indirect loan provided by KEXIM to Intermediary Financial Institutions ("IFI") requiring funding for financing Sub-Loans to be extended to SMEs and medium-large companies for their foreign trades.

※ Intermediary Financial Institutions under International On-lending Agreement as of August, 2021:

  • (Domestic) Woori bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, KEB Hana Bank, Shinhan Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, NongHyup Bank, Busan Bank, Daegu Bank, Gwangju Bank
  • (Overseas) Shinhan Bank Vietnam, PT. Bank Shinhan Indonesia, Woori bank Vietnam ltd, PT Bank Woori Shinhan Indonesia, Woori bank China, KEB Hana Bank (China), Banco KEB HANA Do Brasil S.A, Banco KEB HANA Mexico S.A., IBK (China) ltd.

Advantage of International On-lending

International On-lending loans can be swiftly extended to SMEs (including medium-large companies) by nearby branches of IFI providing a comprehensive service from consultation to loan execution.

① Consultation and loan application ② Disbursement ③ Repayment
  1. Internediary Financial Institute → -2 → KEXIM
  2. KEXIM → -1 → Internediary Financial Institute
  3. Internediary Financial Institute → -2 → KEXIM
  1. SMEs → -1 → Internediary Financial Institute
  2. Internediary Financial Institute → -2 → SMEs
  3. SMEs → -1 → Internediary Financial Institute

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions table
Content Details
  • SMEs (including medium-large companies in construction or plant, shipbuilding materials industry)
  • SMEs' overseas subsidiaries (For Overseas Business Loan)
  • Overseas local companies dealing with SMEs
Loan Type
  • Working capital
  • Import fund
  • Capital investment
  • Overseas investment
  • Other Business Operation
  • Up to 90% of the funds required or of import contract amount
Loan Period
  • Working capital : From 1 year up to 3 years from the first disbursement date
  • Import fund : Up to 2 years from the first disbursement date
  • Others : From 1 year up to 10 years from the first disbursement date