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Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation

ESG Milestones

KEXIM’s ESG activities have been contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and creating environmental and social value. We will continue to build trust and credibillity among our clients and citizens of Korea by bolstering green finance, socially responsible activities and ethical management.

  • KRW 19.9tn
    Green Financing
    Loan Provision to
    Eco-friendly Sectors
    (Green Energy,
    Future Mobility,
    Battery, etc.)
  • USD 1.62bn
    ESG Bond Issuance
    Issued Dollar
    nominated bond
    worth 1.1 bn, Euro
    nominated bond
    worth 550mn
  • Become a dedicated
    Agency of
    GHG Reduction
    for the ministry of
    Economy and Finance
    (as of Feb, 2023)
  • USD 1.49bn Approval of Green
    EDCF loan
  • KRW 6.4tn
    Social Financing
    Provided prime rates
    to companies creating
    social values (through
    job creating and
    ESG management)
  • KRW 5.7bn
    CSR Activities
  • 45.4%
    Female Employee ratio
  • 935 Employees
    took Human rights·
    ESG training
  • ESG Committe
    held 2 times
    for performance review &
    next year's planning
    of ESG management
    and CSR Activities
  • established
    ESG Management
    Council of Overseas
    to expand ESG values
    abroad by sharing ESG
    management insssues
    between the head office
    and overseas subsidiaries
  • Ethical Management
    • All employees signed
      the Declaration of Ethical
      Management electronically
    • Anti-corruption and Integrity
      training for executives
      and employees once a year
  • mainated
    ISO 37001

    Management System)
    Received certification
    first among government-run
    banks in 2020 and
    maintained the certification.

*2020년 기준