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Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation

ESG Implementation Principles

ESG implementation principles were set up in consideration of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking and the Bank’s ESG Strategy. The employees and executives of KEXIM are committed to practicing the Principles.

01 Expand Social Value of Finance Business

We contribute to strengthening the ESG competitiveness of Korean companies in global markets and expanding social value creation by bolstering ESG finance.

  • Invigorate ESG financing activities and increase issuance of ESG bonds
  • Set ESG financing goals to strengthen the global ESG competitiveness of Korean companies and increase social value creation

02 Enhance Sustainability of the Bank’s Operations Operation

We operate the Bank in consideration of implementing environmental and social responsibilities.

  • Set and manage carbon reduction targets to contribute to achieving the 2050 national carbon neutrality goals
  • Expand socially responsible procurement and CSR activities

03 Manage Environmental and Social Risk Risk Management

We systematically manage environmental and social risk in business activities.

  • Mitigate environmental and social risk by complying with the OECD Common Apporaches and EDCF Safeguard Policy
  • Manage climate risk by joining global initiatives such as supporting the TCFD

04 Advance Governance and Culture of Integrity Governance

We practice ESG principles with a transparent governance structure and a culture of integrity.

  • Develop ESG management system by establishing an ESG Committee and an ESG-dedicated organization
  • Realize “Clean Bank” by advancing anti-corruption and ethical-human rights business management
  • Build a transparent and horizontal communication culture

05 Respect Diversity Diversity

We prohibit discrimination in employment and uphold an inclusive culture by promoting gender equality.

  • Prohibit all forms of discrimination including but not limited to gender, age, disability, and religion
  • Operate female leadership development programs to nurture female empowerment

06 Align with International Covenants and Government Policies Alignment

We implement ESG management in alignment with international covenants and government policies.

  • Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement
  • In line with the Korean government’s Carbon Neutrality Policies

07 Fulfill Corporate Responsibility and Strengthen Communication Communication

We examine and transparently disclose the Bank’s implementation of ESG principles in a responsible manner and actively communicate with stakeholders.

  • Examine and disclose our ESG implementation and the progress of mid-to long-term ESG goals
  • Communicate with major stakeholders including the government and clients and explore opportunities for cooperation on a regular basis