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Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation

Human Rights Management

KEXIM has developed and is implementing human rights management targets to protect and promote the human rights of stakeholders. Following the government’s guidelines for Human Rights Management, KEXIM declared the ‘Human Right Management Charter’ and established the Human Rights Committee in 2019. In 2020, KEXIM has conducted the Human Right Impact Assessment on the Bank’s operation and a major project financed by the Bank.

In addition, KEXIM is making the effort to enhance awareness of human rights among employees by developing human rights training programs for all employees and is also working on developing a remedial procedure to prevent violation of human rights while continuously improving the weakness through the Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Roadmap for Incorporating Human Rights in Business Management

Phase 1

Establish a system
to incorporate
human rights in

  • Enact rules on human rights practices
  • Form the Human Rights Committee
  • Declare and announce Human Rights Management
  • Implement employee education on human rights
Phase 2

Conduct human
rights impact

  • Human Rights Impact Assessment on the operations of the Bank
  • Human Rights Impact Assessment on major projects financed by the Bank
  • Disclose the assessment results
Phase 3

Implement human
rights management
and disclose

  • Disclose the entire process of incorporating human rights into business management
  • Analyze human rights-related risks and develop prevention measures
Phase 4

Apply a remedial

  • Develop a remedial procedure
  • Implement and assess the remedial procedure