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Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation


Impact Investing

KEXIM adopted the Impact Investing principles launched by the International Finance Corporation(IFC) in November 2021 for the first time in Korea with the objective of enhancing social and environmental values in the financial support it provides to its clients and partners.
The Bank has since aligned its investment activities in relation to ESG bonds with the principles and publicly discloses the annual Disclosure Statement and the Verification Report conducted by an Independent verifier on a regular basis.

What is
Impact Investing

Impact Investing Principles

Following the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations(UN), the IFC established nine impact investing principles in 2019 aiming to achieve measures positive environmental and social impacts. As of June 2022, a total of 160 global financial institutions have signed up to the Impact Investing principles.

  • Strategic Intent

    • Define strategic
      impact objective(s)
      consistent with the
      investment strategy.
    • Manage strategic
      impact on a
      portfolio basis.
  • Origination & Structuring

    • Establish the Manager's
      contribution to the
      achlevement of impact.
    • Assess the expected
      impact of each
      investment, based on
      a systematic approach.
    • Assess, address,
      monitor, and manage
      potential negative
      impacts of each
  • Portfolio Management

    • Monitor the progress
      of each investment
      in achieving impact
      against expectations
      and respond
  • Impact at Exit

    • Conduct exits
      considering the effect
      on sustained impact.
    • Review, document,
      and improve decislons
      and processes based
      on the achievement
      of impact and lessons
  • Independent Verification

    • Publicly disclose alignment with impact principles and
      provide regular independent veriflcation of the alignment.

Disclosure Statement



Verification Report