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Consent to Personal Information Collection an Use

Purpose of Collection and Use
The Customer`s personal information shall be collected and used to help the Bank identify the user of the Environment and Social Impact Assessment Report.
Items to be Collected and Used
[Required Information] Full name, Affiliation, E-mail address
Use and Retention Period
The Personal information shall be retained and used by the Bank for 1 month from the date of consent to the collection and use of personal information.
Right to Refuse to Consent and Consequences thereof
The Customer has the right to refuse to provide consent to the collection and use of personal information. However, if the Customer elects not to provide such consent, the Bank is entitled to refuse to provide the Environmental and Social Assessment Reports to the Customer.

I hereby consent to the Bank`s collection and use of my personal information stated above.

Application form



Export Credit and Environmental Review

Environmental Information

To guarantee transparency throughout the environmental procedures, Korea Eximbank discloses environmental information to interested parties wishing to receive a copy of the environmental information, who will be required to submit their names and addresses.

The Export-Import Bank of Korea Engineering & Environment Advisory Department
The Export-Import Bank of Korea Engineering & Environment Advisory Department
Address 38 Eunhaeng-ro Yeungdeungpo-gu, Seoul 07242, Korea
E-mail Fax +82-2-3779-6209
Total 10 (Current 1/1)
Projects under consideration search
No. Category Project Location Description Posting Date ESIA
10 A Nolans Rare Earth Project 135km North of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Austrailia Rare earth mine and processing plant 2024.04.01
9 A Minera Centinela Expansion Project Antofagasta Region, Chile Construction and operation of a new open pit, expansion and operation of an existing pit 2024.02.01
8 A Sal de Oro Project Phase 2 Salar del Hombre Muerto, between Salta and Catamarca, Argentina Construction and development of upstream process facility to produce of lithium carbonate from brine 2023.11.28
7 B Expansion of Sweden Northvolt Lithium-ion battery production facility(Project Northern Lights) Skelleftea, Sweden Construction and Operation of the production facility expansion from 16GWh to 45GWh 2023.11.16
6 A Amiral Project Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia Petrochemical complex with a targeted production of 2.6 million tons 2023.09.20
5 A Indorama Eleme Fertilizer Line 3 Indorama Complex, Port Harcourt, Nigeria Urea fertilizer plant with a design capacity of 1.4MMTPA and jetty facility 2023.07.18
4 A Poland PKN Olefins 3 Project Płock ORLEN industrial complex, Poland Construction and Operation of Ethylene and Propylene plant 2023.06.01
3 B Karian Serpong SPAM Project in Indonesia (Water Treatment Plant) Jelupang village, South Tangerang / (Water Transmission Pipeline) West Jakarta, Tangerang, South Tangerang Contruction and operation of water treatment plant (capacity: approx. 397,000m3/day) and transmission pipeline(approx. 20km) 2023.05.04
2 A Project Barossa Approximately 300km north of Darwin in Australia FPSO facility, subsea production system and gas export pipeline 2021.11.26
1 B Ghubrah Ⅲ Independent Water Project North region of Ghubrah in the capital Muscat, on the Gulf of Oman 300,000㎥/day Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant along with its associated facilities and structures 2021.06.02