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Main Services & Activities


1.KEXIM Vietnam leasing Company Limited(KEXIM VLC)is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, a Governmental financial institution, 2.KEXIM VLC has the ability to provide funding to a wide variety of businesses throughout the Vietnam under the from of financial lease, 3. Especially, KEXIM VLC has 20 years experience and considerable know-how in the leasing industry in Vietnam

  • Finance leasing is a long and medium term credit carried out by the way of leasing machinery, equipment, means of transportation and other movable assets based on a financial lease contract between KEXIM VLC and lessee.
  • KEXIM VLC shall purchase the assets at the Lessee's request and hold the ownership of the leased assets. The lessee shall use the leased assets and make lease payments during the lease term, which is agreed upon by KEXIM VLC and lessee.
  • Upon completion of financial obligations by the lessee, the ownership title over the leased assets will be transferred to the Lessee

Main Activities

  • Finance Leasing
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Other business as approved by the State Bank of Vietnam