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Structured Trade Finance

Since its re-establishment in June 2004, KEXIM ASIA LIMITED has been enthusiastic about offering Structured Trade Finances in order to assist trading activities of Korean companies and their overseas subsidiaries.

KEXIM ASIA LIMITED with the parent bank's team of trade specialists has been committed to support export and import transactions of Korean businesses, large or small, by a comprehensive and best suite of trade products including export and import financing and structured trade finance on a global basis.


Forfaiting is the non-recourse discounting of trade receivables. It is a mechanism of financing that virtually converts exporters credit sale into cash transaction.

Forfaiting has a highly flexible way to allow exporters to grant attractive credit terms to foreign importers, without tying up cash flow or assuming the risks of possible late payment or default. Simultaneously, exporters are fully protected against interest and/or currency rate moving unfavorably during the credit period.

Forfaiting is also a highly effective sales tool, which improver cash-flow and eliminate risk at the same time.

  • Eligible Bank : more than 330 banks in 55 countries
  • Eligible Companies : Korean companies and their overseas subsidiaries
  • Coverage : US$10,000 ~ US$20,000,000
  • Discount Rate : Libor + Margin
  • Periods : 30day ~ 2 years


Factoring is a form of financing provided by purchasing trade receivables which are involved in open account transaction (including transactions on a D/A basis) on credit on a non-recourse basis.

For businesses that either cannot qualify for traditional debt financing or simply do not want to incur more debt, factoring is a good alternative means of financing. By using factoring services, customers are able to shorten sale-to-collection business cycle and eliminate risk that might accompany sales on credit.

KEXIM ASIA LIMITED has teamed up with specialists from its parent bank and is always ready to support international trade involving Korean businesses.

  • Eligible Transaction : Open Account export transactions on credit (including transactions on D/A basis)
  • Eligible Exporter : Korean companies and their overseas subsidiaries
  • Coverage and Termination : depending on a case by case basis
  • Payment for the purchase trade receivable : 80~100% of the export amount
  • Discounting Fee : Libor + Margin
  • Factoring Fee : 0.4~0.8% of trade receivable amount