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Establishment Purpose

1960 Export:USD 3,000million, Per Capita income USD 79 / 2014 Export USD 5,731 billion Per capita income USD 28,180

Korea Exim bank

Korea Exim bank was established with aims to facilitate the development of Korea's economy and enhance economic cooperation with foreign countries through the provision of financial supports for export and import transactions, overseas investments projects, and the development of overseas natural resources.

The Roles of KEXIM

  • An ECA (Export Credit Agency) Facilitating Export Transactions

    • Provide export credits to promote the export of capital goods such as ships and industrial plants and high technology industries such as IT.
    • Provide credits to support overseas investments, overseas projects, and natural resource development projects.
  • Executor of EDCF(Economic Development Cooperation Fund) Enhancing Cooperative Ties with Developing Countries

    • Appraise, conclude loan agreements, disburse, and implement evaluation for economic development aid projects in developing countries.
    • Research ODA (Official Development Assistance) policy directions.
  • Executor of IKCF (Inter-Korean Cooperation Fund) Contributing to the Foundation for Reunification of North and South Korea

    • Appraise, disburse, and provide ex-post management for grants and loans.
    • Serve as a clearing settlement bank with the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea.