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Mission and Vision

Mission Development of the national economy through promotion of international economic cooperation, Vision Success partner for your global takeoff, Korea Eximbank

Korea EXIM’s VISION 2020As an official credit agency with a central role in financing Korea’s economic growth and
spur its further development based on an approach centering on ‘convergence’.

1.Further developing Korea's strategic industries, 2.Eliminating imbalances among domestic industries, 3.Growing together with developing countries through economic cooperation, 4.Paving the way to Korean unification, 5.convergence

  • 1 Innovative ECA
    1. Revive growth and exports in strategic industries of today
    2. Drive new growth by identifying and supporting strategic industries of tomorrow
    3. Maximize impact of Korea Eximbank financing through private participation and
    financial advisory services
  • 2 'Relationship banking' partner
    driving growth of SMEs and
    domestic demand
    4. Facilitate SMEs in their export-import transactions, overseas expansion,
    and market diversification efforts
    5. Strengthen SME productivity through relationship banking
    6. Support service industries to increase domestic demand
  • 3 From conveyor to leader of
    development cooperation
    7. Raise Korea's international status by improving EDCF project quality and
    supporting growth of developing countries
  • 4 Encourage North Korea to
    open up its economy,
    utilizing unique development
    cooperation know-how
    8. Lead inter-Korean development cooperation projects by establishing road map
    for North Korea's development and promoting international cooperation
  • 5 'Total Solution provider'
    tackling barriers to Korea's
    growth through 'convergence'
    9. Identify and develop strategic business areas through convergence of export
    credit, EDCF, and IKCF operations
    10. Strengthen implementation of enterprise-level strategy by bolstering
    'control tower' function