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Korea Exim News

Korea Eximbank Holds Workshop to Support Smaller Firms’Entry into International Procurement Market

  • Date2017.11.22
  • View9293


The Export-Import Bank of Korea (www.koreaexim.go.kr, Chairman Sung-soo Eun, “Korea Eximbank”) announced that it held a workshop titled “Workshop to Support the Entry of SMEs and Medium-Large Companies into the International Procurement Market” jointly with seven* other organizations at the headquarters of Korea Eximbank on November 22.



The workshop was arranged with the aim of supporting Korean SMEs and medium-large companies seeking business opportunities in the international procurement market. It offered practical lessons on procurement process and contract-winning strategies for ODA-supported projects.


In this workshop, procurement processes of EDCF, KOICA, and multilateral development banks(MDB) including the World Bank, the AIIB, etc. were introduced in detail to increase the understanding of ODA’s overall procurement system.


Korea Eximbank explained what has been amended in its standard request for proposal(RFP) form for consultants, the AIIB’s procurement system, and Korean companies’ overseas expansion strategies. Also, KOICA explained procurement process and its know-how in the grant-aid procurement market.


In particular, the workshop attendees showed great interest in the presentation given by Mr. Jianjun Guo from the World Bank(“WB”). He delivered the presentation on the WB’s procurement system and various ways to participate in infrastructure projects based on his experience in the field as a Senior Procurement Specialist.


A Korean Eximbank official said, “To win contracts awarded by aid-recipient countries funded by MDBs, it is essential to have track records of operating international projects. Participation in EDCF-funded projects will help Korean companies gain such qualifications demanded by international development agencies. We hope Korean SMEs and medium-large firms which have excellent technologies and products to be able to enter into the international procurement market with practical know-hows gained from this workshop.”


Korea Eximbank has been holding the Workshop every year to support the entry of SMEs and medium-large companies into the international procurement market by introducing various ways to participate in EDCF projects and strategies to win procurement contracts awarded by MDBs.