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Overview & Main Services


  1. 1 KEXIM Vietnam lesasing Company Limited(KEXIM VLC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, a Governmnetal financila institution.
  2. 2 KEXIM VLC has the ability to provide funding to a wide variety of businesses throughout the Vietnam under the from of financial lease.
  3. 3 Especially, KEXIM VLC has 25 years experience and considerable know-how in the leasing industry in Vietnam.
  • Established in 1996, KEXIM Vietnam Leasing Co., Ltd has been a pioneer in finance leasing market in Vietnam for more than 25 years, providing finance leasing and working capital loan to enterprises that need another financial sources to operate and expand business activities.
  • With the ever-increasing demands of customers, the Export-Import Bank of Korea, our sole Owner, increased our charter capital from 10 Million USD to 53 Million USD in 2020.
  • We strive to accomplish our mission from the Export-Import Bank of Korea, which is to promote the investment and commerce of Korean enterprises in Vietnam and make a contribution to strengthen the bilateral partnership between Vietnam and Korea.

Main Services

  • Finance Leasing
  • Working Capital Loan
  • Other business as approved by the State Bank of Vietnam