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Korea Eximbank Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony for New Data Center in its Human Resources Development Institute in Yongin

Date 2023.03.13 View 7981
image01.png image01_암호화해제.png 230113_수은_보도자료 사진(은행장).jpg

□ The Export-Import Bank of Korea (, Chairman Yoon Hee-sung, “Korea Eximbank") announced it held a groundbreaking ceremony for a new data center at its Human Resources Development Institute in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, in the afternoon of January 12. 



□ The data center will consist of a three-story computer center and a four-story business building with one basement floor on the 9,868㎡ site in the Human Resources Development Institute of the Bank. It is set to be launched in July 2024. 



□ Korea Eximbank has been pushing forward with the construction of a new data center deploying next-generation digital technologies in order to replace its aging computer center at the headquarters and to deal with the lack of space for the current facilities.



□ Korea Eximbank’s new data center was designed focusing on energy efficiency, meeting international certification standards including Green Standard for Energy and Environmental Design (Excellent Grade) and Energy Efficiency (Grade 1).


 ○ The Bank’s top priority was to build energy efficient facilities using renewable energy sources, such as solar·geothermal energy. Also, it sought to construct eco-friendly as well as resident-friendly buildings with air conditioning utilities without cooling towers and noise·smoke reduction equipment.



□ With the new data center, Korea Eximbank expects it will be able to further enhance the stability, scalability and efficiency of its IT infrastructure management.


 ○ In particular, by incorporating the cloud design and AI-based monitoring system, Korea Eximbank will ensure the efficient administration of IT resources and pre-emptively detect and prevent failures.



□ At the groundbreaking ceremony, Korea Eximbank Chairman Yoon said, “The data center will serve as the major foothold for the bank’s digital transformation.” He added, “We will upgrade our Corporate Financial Platform to reach out to corporate customers and continuously expand the application of digital technology to our financial operations including automatic screening in order to get ready for the era of digital transformation.”