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Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation Promoting Sustainable International Economic Cooperation

ESG Roadmap

ESG roadmap was set up to incorporate ESG in its business management and effectively achieve the ESG strategies. In the early stage, we will lay the foundation for ESG management which will be followed by a period for strengthening its internal ESG competency to reach the final stage of integrated dissemination over the longer-term. The Bank will disseminate green and social values in the areas of loans, funding, risk management and bank operations based on the ESG Roadmap.

STAGE 1ESG 1.0 (2021~2022)

Establishing the Foundation
for ESG Management
Develop ESG strategy and
establish management systems
  • Prepare to expand ESG financing
  • Lay the foundation for climate risk management and ESG assessment
  • Work on strengthening ESG activities
  • Build framework for ESG implementation

STAGE 2ESG 2.0 (2023~2025)

Building ESG Competency
Business Management
Expand ESG activities
Internalize ESG strategy and
expand the scope of ESG
  • Increase ESG loans·investments and bond issuances
  • Develop a climate risk management plan and ESG assessment criteria
  • Implement and monitor the Bank’s ESG activities
  • Strengthen and embed ESG competency

STAGE 3ESG 3.0 (2026~2030)

Integrated Dissemination
of ESG Management
Develop and share best ESG practices
Advance ESG management
Develop and manage an
integrated ESG strategy
  • Advance environmental and social performance-based ESG finance
  • Implement climate risk mitigation activities and sophisticate ESG assessment
  • Lead ESG activities
  • Expand the scope of ESG management system
  • Export&import finance that create
    green and social values
  • Risk management incorporating climate
    change and ESG
  • Strengthen ESG activities in
    the Bank’s operation
  • Enabler