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Infrastructure & Plant Financing

Comprehensive financial package

Financing for Korean Shipowners, Financing for Shipbuilders, Financing for  Foreign Ship-owners
Korean Sponsors
Non-Korean Sponsors
Korea Eximbank

Lenders - Fund Investment → fund(Sponsors)

Lenders - Fund Investment, Project Identification → Foreign Government

Korea Eximbank(Lenders) - PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE → EPC Contractor

Korea Eximbank(Lenders) - Loan Financial Advisory Service → Korean Sponsors(Sponsors)

Korea Eximbank(Lenders) - PF LOAN EQUITY INVESTMENT → SPC

ECAs, MDB(Lenders) - PF Loan → SPC

Sponsors - Equity Investment → SPC

SPC-EPC Contract-EPC Contractor, SPC-O&M Contract-O&M Contractor, SPC-Offtale Agreement-Offtaker, SPC-Implementation Agreement-Foreign Government

Financial Support to Korean EPC Contractors

Financial Support to Korean EPC Contractors
Purpose Description Financial Product
Working Capital for EPC Contractors The Bank supports Korean EPC contractors by extending working capital required to perform specific contractual obligations Export Project Loan
Performance Guarantees The Bank provides Performance Guarantees as required by foreign sponsors to ensure performance of Korean contractor's contractual obligations. Bid Bond
Performance Bond
Advance Payment Bond
Warranty Bond

Comprehensive financial package

Comprehensive financial package
Purpose Description Financial Product
Import Payments for EPC Contracts The Bank supports foreign sponsors in making payments to EPC contractors by extending Import Payments for the contract. Export Facilitation Loan (Funds for Import Payments)

Export-Related Financial Guarantee

Financial Support to Equity Investment-based Projects*

Participation of Korean companies in the entire processes for Project Development, EPC, Equity Investment, Supply of Raw Materials, Offtake and Operation

Financial Support
Purpose Description Financial Product
Financial Support for Overseas Subsidiaries of Korean Companies The Bank provides financing directly to foreign subsidiaries of Korean companies required for facilities / investment or working capital, etc. Overseas Business Loan
Financial Support for Overseas Investment of Korean Companies The Bank provides financing necessary for Korean companies to invest in foreign companies in the form of share capital and / or shareholder loan. Overseas Investment Loan
Equity Participation The Bank directly / indirectly invests in Overseas Infrastructure & Plant projects where Korean companies have their equity shares. Direct Equity Investment

Contributions to Funds
Financial Advisory Services for Equity Investment-Based Projects The Bank provides customized financial advisory and arrangement services for Korean companies on export, overseas investment, natural resources development, or M&A. Financial Advisory / Arrangement Services